Creating public awareness and understanding of Europe´ s migrations: history and heritage.


The Norwegian Emigration Center (Norway)

  The Norwegian Emigration Center is a research library which collects material relating to the history of the peoples of Norway worldwide. Our new priority is called- eMigration. It underlines our commitment to digital dissemination of past and contemporary migration – such as our learning programme You and Me. It is also an expression of […]

Immigrantmuseet (Denmark)

The story of immigration to Denmark is the story of the Dutch way of celebrating the beginning of the faste, the story of a Chinese restaurant in Nørrebro in Copenhagen, the bazar in Århus, German settlers in Jutland, and a national burka count. It is the story of residency permits, citizenship, asylum centers, refugee quotas […]

BallinStadt Emigration Museum Hamburg

From 1850 to 1934 alone, more than 5 million people emigrated to the New World via the Port of Hamburg. On this historic site three pavilions were reconstructed inside the former emigration halls where the stories, hopes and dreams of these people are brought back to life. The award-winning concept of BallinStadt Emigration Museum features […]

The Danish Emigration Archives (Denmark)

The Danish Emigration Archives were founded on July 3th 1932, and is Denmark’s main collection of letters, documents, movies, pictures, audios and newspapers telling exciting stories of Danish emigration to the world and containing important information and knowledge on migration and cultural encounters. The Archives concentrated in the early years mainly on Danes, who emigrated […]

LWL-Industrial Museum (Germany)

Westphalian State Museum of Industrial Heritage and Culture As the very first and largest industrial museum in Germany the LWL-Industrial Museum preserves and presents the cultural heritage of the industrial age in the Ruhr. Our most outstanding exhibits are our building monuments, and our greatest interest is devoted to the people who worked in and […]

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