Creating public awareness and understanding of Europe´ s migrations: history and heritage.

CfP “European Bodies?” Anthropological Journal of European Cultures

Is there a “European body” and how is Europeanization embodied? What is a “European body” then? Jean Comaroff has once shown that “nationality, culture and physical type are condensed into the language that […] would mature into scientific racism” which “imprinted the physical contours of stereotypic others on the European imagination–and, with them, a host […]

AEMI Journal – Volume 15 (2017)

AEMI 2017 copertina

Special Issue on ‘European Migrant Diasporas and Cultural Identities’ Editor Hans Storhaug Proceedings of the Santiago Conference in 2016 María Fouz Moreno, Galician Music, Emigration and Otherness: the Presence of Galicia in the Musical Production of Argentinian Composers of the Mid-twentieth Century María González Blanco and Vincente Pena Saavedra, New Migrations from Galicia to Germany: Educational Profiles […]

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