Creating public awareness and understanding of Europe´ s migrations: history and heritage.

AEMI Journal Volume 13-14 (2015-2016)


>AEMI Journal – Volume 13-14 (2015-2016)

Proceedings of the Riga Conference in 2014 and the Turin Conference in 2015.

Other articles based on the Turin Conference proceedings published in Altreitalie. International journal of studies on Italian migrations in the world, 51, 2015:

Piero Bassetti, Opening Adress

Laura Bartolini, Anna Triandafyllidou, Ruby Gropas, Escaping the crisis and emancipating oneself: highly skilled mobility from Southern Europe

Maria Luisa Caldognetto, Nicolas Graf, Food traditions amongst Italian migrants in Luxembourg, between the need to stay faithful to the past and new future challenges (in Italian)

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